Monday, September 24, 2012

Our Weekend in Photos: Double Springs Road

This weekend was filled with bread and rock and water.
Once a year, our church has a convention on Double Springs Road. Four days, each with three meetings (or "services," if you prefer that term). They are simple with truth and sharp with honesty, a breaking and a balm.
Sometimes in life, you just need quiet moments. Quiet moments that drown the constant drone of busyness and hurry and reveal how far you've let the mundane things of life tilt and skew your perspective.

This year has been full of changes: graduating, a new nephew, friends getting engaged, moving, getting married (less than 3 weeks!). The generally-accepted maxim states that "there is no constant in life." This year would seem to verify that statement. The world must rotate on the driving force of change, whether its good or bad, and you, the tiny speck, just have to cling to the crust. But really.... the maxim is wrong. Saturday morning, a thought struck my mind like a beacon. There is one constant in my life: God. No matter what rolls through my path--whether its a blessing, a curse, or a neutral moment of simple breathing-- his presence is there, a support to my back when I sag with relief or stagger in disbelief. More than ever, I realize how vital that presence is to me.

Whatever you believe, this is what I believe.

See? My blog isn't just photos of coffee, paintings, and clothes. To quote Amy Adams in my movie-favorite Julie & Julia: "I could write a blog...I have thoughts!" Well... these are my honest thoughts. You can take it or leave it; I don't care. The moment shared was mine, and I loved it.

But enough of my musings.
Here are the promised weekend photos.
Pardon the backgrounds of campers and vans.

Talking about football--fantasy or real. 

Unintentional coordination

This girl is my right arm and one of my sweetest friends

Our photographer-my daddy

Occasionally I've been known to steal a snuggle
Have a beautiful beginning to your week!

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