Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Your Friendly Neighbors at Number L

So this morning, I hopped up intending to dash downstairs and take a few morning photos of the condo-complex, but then realized that the rush and pitty-pat that I heard was a rainstorm in full strength. And the box holding my polka-dot rainboots (I have a love-hate relationship with polka dot....but these I love) is apparently at the bottom of the Great-Crate-Mountain which holds my clothing.

Instead, here I am now on my porch, with my hands wrapped around my morning coffee, listening to the tiny voice of the creek. You can just catch its murmur under the rush of the highway, if you listen with intent. There's something to be said for porches, even if they are small. And there's something to be said for catching the tiniest voices around you. (There's something to be said....I just wish I knew how to say it right.)

Today, I tackle the closet space. I'll let you know if I survived tomorrow. If no post appears...well...you'll know I met my end on Great-Crate-Mountain.

A few peeks at what we've accomplished so far:

My mind is already buzzing with more ideas.
Here's what I have in mind:

Have a happy Tuesday!

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